Slugger, a courtroom thriller

Sneak Peak Part Two – Slugger

Five star Amazon reviews. “Cavanaugh has to deal with a contentious divorce, two daughters torn by the divorce, one with a serious illness, bulimia. Rod’s trusted secretary plagiarizes his private case notes and publishes them as a “novel”, though the characters are easily identified. Emerson McKernan needed to catch Cavanaugh before he left the courthouse. […]

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Slugger, a suspense novel

Slugger – Sneak Peak

“A roman à clef based on a lawyer’s journal puts him in the cross hairs in this legal thriller…. (O’Neill) orchestrates his complicated, twisty plot toward an unexpected and satisfying conclusion… A well-plotted and dense courtroom tale.” (Kirkus Reviews, 2017). She’s so thin, too thin, he thought. She shrugged him off. Her head moved to […]

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The Wealth of a Nation

On Writing

My good hearted and energetic publicist sent me a note saying I should write a blog about writing. But I’m not sure what she means. Does she mean writing as a craft? As a chosen avocation? Or as a conscious attempt to scrub my soul clean? What aspect of a bad habit does she want […]

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