By T.B. O’Neill

“Murder, or the attempt thereof, often occurs while others sleep.” Thus begins a story where danger insinuates itself into the course of ordinary lives. Rod Cavanaugh is a thoughtful lawyer and a regular guy. Suited for his job, he adores his teenage daughters and loves his scotch. When the bottom fell out of his marriage, he thought he had enough to deal with — mistakes of his doing that needed to be corrected. But that was before he became the target of a client in a deadly game of cat and mouse and before the local criminal machine decided he was a threat.


“Complicated lawyer based mystery that draws readers into the tangled plot and leaves them well satisfied.”  (Portland Book Review)

“A roman à clef based on a lawyer’s journal puts him in the crosshairs in this legal thriller…. (O’Neill) orchestrates his complicated, twisty plot toward an unexpected and satisfying conclusion.

A well-plotted and dense courtroom tale.” (Kirkus Reviews).

“A deftly plotted novel that combines strong characters, crackling prose, and a compelling, lived-in authenticity. But what really sets Slugger apart is its ability to educate as well as entertain. Reading this book, we’re schooled not only in the law’s arcane intricacies but also the complex moral calculus that allows a defense attorney to serve his clients, presuming their innocence, while still being able to look himself in the mirror. Highly recommended. (Author Brian Marshall)


By T.B. O’Neill

“…Well-timed for the era of the Donald Trump presidency.” -Kirkus Reviews

This quasi-dystopian tale and thriller takes place when the jobs are gone — that is, except for an elite class of Workers. Then, adding to the division, the city of Bakerton builds a Wall to separate the classes, and sets Nathan Englander, his family and friends, on a trajectory to change the order of things. Peace has been achieved all these years by promising Citizens their allotment, as Workers continue to toil for the greater good.


 “Comparisons to Brave New World . . . would not be far off the mark, which is high praise.” (Kirkus Reviews, 2017).

4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon!

An engrossing sci-fi thriller that examines class conflict in all-too-near future. Anyone who’s concerned with social justice, or is a fan of classic dystopian works by Wells, Huxley or Atwood will enjoy this book. (Amazon Review)

A fast-paced, suspenseful yet thoughtful novel that propels the reader in a world not hard to imagine. Highly recommend! (Amazon Review)

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By T.B. O’Neill

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Forced to leave the home they love, a family begins a journey that takes them across the country and back again, becoming nomads in an impoverished and dangerous land. In the 1950s, the nation’s booming prosperity has passed them by, and they must find their way. Alcoholism, ignorance, and violence paralyze this broken, nomadic family and convince them that failure is their predetermined lot. But there is hope on the horizon, just over the hill … a mile beyond.




By T.B. O’Neill

After years of travel, Tim O’Neill’s family finds a new home in small-town America. Adding to his luck, his father is sober, his parents employed, and his brother healing. At the dawn of the 1960s, life vibrates with change and promise. The nation’s young president dreams of moon landings, while rock and roll booms over airways, and boys in tennis shoes shoot hoops on warm summer nights. But danger lurks in the shadows … he has felt it all along. A greater turbulence is on the horizon, rolling in like thunder with discord and promising violence. This is a tale of one boy’s adventures during the calm and in the storm, as he prepares for manhood the way boys do in every era, whether in peace or in war.