The Wealth of a Nation Book Trailer

The Wealth of a Nation

With solid pacing,characterizations, and pathologies, O’Neill’s . . . novel largely eschews the hectoring AM radio talk-show tone of much politically oriented, speculative fiction . . . Comparisons to Brave New World . . . would not be far off the mark, which is high praise.” -Kirkus Reviews

This quasi-dystopian tale and thriller takes place when the jobs are gone — that is, except for an elite class of Workers. Then, adding to the division, the city of Bakerton builds a Wall to separate the classes, and sets Nathan Englander, his family and friends, on a trajectory to change the order of things. Peace has been achieved all these years by promising Citizens their allotment, as Workers continue to toil for the greater good. Everyone has his place in this peaceful city and nation.

Then at the Wall’s erection, protest and violence shocks the city. Thrust into the spotlight for his heroism, Englander challenges the power brokers who erected the Wall and will use any cruel means to maintain control. Now politically connected, he uncovers a shadow government, and learns of an imminent terrorist attack. He may be able to prevent it. But not without paying a price and placing those he loves in jeopardy. Violence continues to wrack the city. A breaking point is near, and should he succeed is stopping the carnage that will decimate the peace, there still is the larger question: Where does one find dignity in a place and time where the dependents of society are convinced that they are “privileged,” and the right to work or engage in commerce is severely constrained? How did it get like this? And is anyone truly free?

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